What Would Marcus Fenix Do?

The board is set, the pieces are moving. We come to it at last, the great battle of our time.

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Anonymous asked: How are you so wonderful?

…I’m just myself. I don’t even know what you mean by that. I don’t try to be anything, I can’t actually even suppress myself. Well, that doesn’t make sense. Shit. Sorry!

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dullah86 asked: Dude we gotta do the LOTR marathon with that drinking game to commemorate the final release (hopefully most epic one yet) of a Peter Jackson film. I truly love the man and want to honour him and his efforts with a fellow Tolkienite.

The thing is, that’s the best idea ever and I don’t want to agree and it never happen! How would we do it, LOTR 1-3 extended editions then Hobbit 1-2 with seeing 3 at the cinema on the first showing? We’d need to sober up by then though, if possible. I adore him too. I’m so close to getting the JRR logo tattooed.

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linuxpunk81 asked: I loved the sheep pics, I can't wait till its fair season and I can go pet the sheep and goats and all the other farm-like animals.

Thanks! I’m the same, I love farm parks a bit too much. I’m lucky to live near a fair few!

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Anonymous asked: I don't get how you're brave enough to be so brutally honest about yourself and your feelings at all times. It's something to be so proud of and any one who tries to bring you down just isn't worth anybodys time. You're also a major beaut and so cool, you can't get any better so stop worrying about what sad acts think.

It isn’t being brave though, it’s how everybody should be and needs to be to make this world a better place. Yeah, that sounds bloody ridiculous but it makes sense, does it not? You’re right about people who try to undermine it though; I guess they’re threatened by decency. It’s something I truly believe in and I can’t sway from it, ever. And also, thank you! I like being called a cool kid :P

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dullah86 asked: That's totally cool, if I knew you were a true Tolkienite I would have been a lot nicer to you during those goofy uni days. .. but you've definitely scored mega brownie points with me since

I have been for 14 years Abdul! I can’t believe you didn’t know, I had all the films and books in my room! You were too nice to me as it was, silly. To be fair though, I didn’t know you were a fan either!

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dullah86 asked: Have you actually read Tolkiens work, all the books plus the silmarillion?

All but the Simarillion. I do apologise :(

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Various pictures of me and sheep over the past year or so. This post is for my future partner in sheep crime, cardiotomy-x!

So many sheep so cute! And such a pretty lady :) i need a sheep trip in my life soon.

You are too though, lady crush! We need to go on a sheep quest, find the one sheep to rule them all.